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    Cool 29th September 2017 Friday Night @ InterNations 10th Anniversary Pre-Party / İZMİR @ ESCOBAR & MEPHISTO Live

    park inn copy copy.jpg

    We are pleased to invite and welcome you to our Official 10th Anniversary Pre-Party Event! This year we will pre-celebrate the New Year at Izmir’s newest club: Radisson Blu : Park Inn Roof

    Entrance fee includes Live Performance
    Dj ESCOBAR & Dj MEPHISTO, a Snacks, Grill, and Professional Photography Service.

    Albatross Free
    Basic 35 TRY
    Non Member 40 TRY

    It is very easy to Radisson Blu Park Inn -- Only 1 minute from Passport Ferry Station.

    We aim to enhance entertainment and acquaintance between the attendees. Please bring your energy and enthusiasm to the event.

    As this is one of the newest popular places in İzmir, we have limited space. Therefore, we request you to confirm your attendance by clicking the Attend button. Please don't forget to un-register if you later find out you won’t be able to come.

    *Name list will be checked at the entrance by the venue and unlisted persons will not be taken in.
    *Dress code is business casual and smart casual.

    All attendees will pay for what they eat or drink directly to venue.
    Feel free to bring your international friends, but please invite them to register for InterNations first.

    Please note: The entrance fees are used to keep the high standard of the InterNations Official Events and to be able to offer benefits like welcome drinks or special entertainment to our members at popular venues in town. Your entrance fee is used to cover the costs of our InterNations Events and to maintain the quality of our venues. We are a team of volunteers, so ALL benefits go to funding future great events!

    Thanks for your cooperation!
    Looking forward to seeing you at 360 IZMIR!
    Contact No: 0 532 304 61 25

    Farruh Gasanov, Nadejda Apostolov & Gokay Dikmen
    InterNations Ambassadors Izmir

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