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    VA - Minimal Compilation Vol.1 [DT025]

    01. Tekoff - Serial Dreamer (Original Mix)
    02. Johnny Peraza - Soul (Original Mix)
    03. Mortadelo - Drug Dealer (Original Mix)
    04. Dj Hippy - The Pulse (Original Mix)
    05. Noize Makerz - Wild (Maximinus Remix)
    06. Minitronik - Drunken Bell (Original Mix)
    07. Maximinus - Red Love (Original Mix)
    08. Davhelos - The Nurse (Original Mix)
    09. Dani DL - Mr TooL (Original Mix)
    10. Maximinus - Za Partijanere (Original Mix)


    HSQ Records: "The tack/thumb sound are a good touch. It brings the vibe into the music. "
    Jay E.Y.E: "wow this is great the production and mixing is solid. i like the vibe of this and all those cool sounds really make it pop. super job on this one "
    GO VILLAIN: "Nice swim suit or any type of model walk fashion show venue great job"
    Squaresyntax: "Diggin the groove on this track! Solid beat on this! Diggin the percussion. I do feel like you could switch it up a little bit here and there, but I'm diggin it."
    Digital Vapor Music: "The perc does a great job adding a cool groove to the beat. Kick is sitting well in the mix and makes the song have a strong foundation. The instrumentation fits well together too"
    Jamaican Haze: "Nice track i love the mix this sounds really good..keep it up...itsso much tht i love bout this beat"


    Downtech Music is a Deep House, Techno and Tech House Label, created in 2010 with releases of other styles like; Electro, Minimal and Tropical House...
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    Enjoy the Music!!!

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